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  • If you've read our About Page you know more about our hopes and values as a company, but here we're going to show you what those values mean for you when you book a Suzie Paints Experience. 

  • We showcase our Faux Finishes because they're unique but most of our work is regular painting.

  • We can paint as much or as little as you want- from your whole house to just a front door or ceilings in a couple of rooms.  

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  • Having us paint your front door is a good 'tester' job for you to evaluate our company while brightening your home's image!

  • We strive to make every job go smoothly by staying close to the quoted budget, time-frame and keeping our customers well-informed about the job in general and any changes or corrections that need to be made.

  • We want you to know what is going on every step of the way and feel comfortable and confident that your trust is well-placed with Suzie Paints.

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